Course Overview

Explore the vibrant world of fashion with our Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology! This course is designed to help you dive into the exciting world where creativity and technology meet in fashion. In this program, you’ll learn how to design clothes, understand fabrics, and make your own creations. We don’t just focus on the drawing part; we also teach you about the business side of fashion and how to use computer tools for design. 

At Prerit, we believe in learning by doing. Our Advanced Diploma course is not just about books; it’s about trying things out in the real world. Our teachers are experts in the field, and they’ll guide you through everything you need to know. By joining our course, you’ll get hands-on experience, develop your skills, and be well-prepared for a career in fashion. 

Joining our Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology means taking the first step toward a future where your creativity can shine. Become part of a group of people who, like you, dream of being designers. Learn from the best teachers, understand the latest trends, and be ready to make your mark. Enroll now and turn your love for fashion into a real job!

  • Course Fee: ₹174,599 ₹109,999/-
  • Mode: Live Online Classes + Recorded Sessions
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Frequency: 5 hours per week (Mon to Fri)

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    Course Details

    Why Prerit

    Choosing our Advanced Diploma course is a gateway to a realm where innovation meets expertise. Our program blends the latest technological advancements with timeless design principles, offering a unique learning experience that sets the stage for a successful career in the dynamic world of fashion.

    At Prerit, you’ll not only learn about fashion design and technology but also engage in a hands-on learning experience. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty ensure that you don’t just understand concepts but master them through practical application. This immersive approach equips you with the skills needed to thrive in the fast-paced and competitive fashion industry.

    Our Advanced Diploma course is tailored for your success. Whether your passion lies in conceptualizing cutting-edge designs or harnessing the power of technology in fashion, our comprehensive curriculum caters to diverse interests. Join us, and let your creativity flourish as you gain the expertise to shape the future of fashion.

    Course Advantages

    Comprehensive Skill Development: Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond the basics. From design principles to advanced technology applications, you’ll develop a versatile skill set that sets you apart in the competitive world of fashion.

    Industry-Relevant Training: Stay ahead of the curve with training that aligns with the latest trends and technologies in the fashion industry. Our course ensures you are well-prepared to meet the demands of a dynamic and ever-evolving market.

    Hands-On Experience in Garment Construction: Gain valuable hands-on experience in garment construction, from conceptualization to creation. Our emphasis on practical skills ensures that you not only conceptualize designs but also bring them to life with precision and craftsmanship.

    Expert Faculty and Industry Exposure: Learn from industry experts who bring real-world insights into the classroom. Our faculty members have extensive experience in the fashion domain, and our program provides opportunities for industry exposure, fostering connections that can be invaluable for your career.

    Customizable Learning Paths: Recognizing that each student is unique, our program allows for customizable learning paths. Whether your interest lies in fashion illustration, textile technology, or business aspects like merchandising, our course adapts to your preferences, enabling you to specialize in your area of passion.


    Module 1: Design Foundation:

    • Introduction to Design
    • Elements and Principles of Design
    • Inspirations and Concepts
    • Visual Presentation – Themes and Boards
    • Color Theory
    • Creative thinking

    Module 2: Fashion Illustration:

    • Introduction to Female Anatomy
    • Draping of garments on movement figure
    • Placement of motif, rendering
    • Draping and rendering of dresses for party wear, office wear, casual wear
    • Study of Illustration of Indian designers
    • Collection and portfolio

    Module 3: Pattern making and garment construction – Women’s Indian Wear:

    • Introduction to Pattern Making
    • Blouse Designs
    • Bifurcated/Bottoms 
    • Apparel Designs
    • Construction Techniques
    • Business Skills

    Module 4: Pattern making and garment construction -Women’s Indian Wedding Wear:

    • Pattern Making for Wedding Dresses
    • Lehenga Design
    • Gown Design
    • Blouse Design
    • Ethnic Jumpsuit Creation
    • Bifurcated Garment Design

    Module 5: Pattern making and garment construction -Women’s Western Wear part 1:

    • Introduction to Pattern Making
    • Adult Bodice Block
    • Skirt Block
    • Basic Torso
    • Origami:
    • Garment Construction Technology/Stitching

    Module 6: Pattern making and garment construction: Women’s Western Wear part 2:

    • Introduction to Bifurcate Concept
    • Pattern Making/Basic Pant Block
    • Jeans
    • Pattern Making/Basic Corset
    • Pattern Making of Basic Coat Block
    • Jacket Block – 2 Inch Block

    Module 7: 2D Pattern Making:

    • Introduction to Digital Pattern Making
    • Basic Tools
    • Pattern Making of Basic Kurta Block
    • Variations in Basic Kurta
    • Grading of Bodice and Skirt Block
    • Creating Patterns of Dress Designs Provided by Students

    Module 8: Textile Design and Development:

    • Introduction to Textiles
    • Motif Design and Pattern Development
    • Print Development and Application
    • Presentation/compilation of work

    Module 9: Digital fashion Illustrations:

    • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Fashion Figure Rendering and Draping
    • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
    • Construction and Detailing
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Portfolio Development

    Module 10: 3D Fashion Design:

    • Introduction of Clo 3d
    • How to use the interface
    • Learn Textures
    • Technicalities
    • Accessories
    • Fabric

    Module 11: Advanced 3D Fashion Design:

    • Draping Garment Fashion
    • How to Do Makeup
    • How to Accessorize
    • UV Mapping
    • How to Do a Realistic 3D Jeans Render
    • How to Make Pleats

    Module 12: Business communication and personality development:

    • English Grammar and Communication
    • Professional Writing
    • Interview Skills
    • Presentation Techniques
    • Soft Skills Development

    Our Methodology

    At Prerit, we pride ourselves on a dynamic and effective methodology that paves the way for your success in the world of fashion. Our approach is centered on:

    Interactive Learning: Engage actively in your education through interactive sessions, fostering a hands-on understanding of key concepts.

    Project-Based Assignments: Apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios with project-based assignments, preparing you for real-world challenges.

    Industry-Integrated Curriculum: Stay ahead of industry trends with a curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring relevance and practicality.

    Mentorship and Guidance: Benefit from personalized mentorship and guidance from experienced faculty, nurturing your individual growth and creativity.

    Continuous Evaluation: Receive continuous feedback and evaluation, allowing for ongoing improvement and refinement of your skills throughout the program.

    Our way of teaching gives you the skills and confidence to stand out in the exciting world of fashion design and technology. We don’t just teach fashion; we create an environment that nurtures your passion, fuels your creativity, and propels you towards a successful and fulfilling career in fashion design and technology. Join us on this exciting journey!

    Course Requirement

    10+2 passed with any stream or currently appearing for the examination is required to start this program

    Basic computer skills are essential, as the program may involve the use of design software and technology. You’ll need a computer with suitable design software, and it should run these programs well.

    No prior experience with fashion design software necessary. We’ll start from the very beginning, including software setup and how to use it in the course.

    Job Opportunities

    Fashion Designer:
    Create cutting-edge designs for clothing, accessories, or footwear, shaping trends and defining style.

    Textile Technologist:
    Dive into the world of fabrics, using your expertise to develop innovative materials for the fashion market.

    Pattern Maker:
    Transform design concepts into tangible garments by creating patterns that guide the construction process.

    Fashion Illustrator:
    Bring design ideas to life through visual storytelling, creating captivating illustrations for presentations and publications.

    Fashion Merchandiser:
    Bridge the gap between design and business, overseeing the production and marketing of fashion products.

    Product Developer:
    Innovate and improve fashion products, from conceptualization to production, ensuring quality and market appeal.

    Retail Buyer:
    Curate collections for retail stores, selecting the latest trends to meet consumer demands.

    Fashion Stylist:
    Collaborate with photographers, models, and designers to create visually striking and on-trend fashion shoots.

    Fashion Technology Specialist:
    Explore the intersection of fashion and technology, working on advancements like wearable tech or sustainable fashion solutions.

    Launch your own fashion label or boutique, turning your creative vision into a thriving business venture.

    Recruiters for UI/UX Design Jobs

    Fashion Houses: Renowned fashion houses are eager to discover and hire talent emerging from our program, offering opportunities to work on high-profile projects.

    Textile Companies: Companies specializing in textiles and materials seek our graduates for roles that involve innovation in fabric development and quality assurance.

    Retail Giants: Major retail brands recognize the value of our program and actively recruit our students for positions in merchandising, buying, and retail management.

    Design Studios: Creative design studios look to our graduates to infuse fresh ideas and skills into their teams, contributing to the development of cutting-edge designs.

    Global Fashion Platforms: Online and global fashion platforms actively seek our graduates for roles spanning from e-commerce management to trend analysis.

    Luxury Brands and Boutiques: Exclusive luxury brands and high-end boutiques recognize the refined skills of our graduates, offering opportunities to work with premium clientele and luxurious fashion lines.

    Event Production Companies: Companies specializing in fashion events and runway shows seek our graduates to bring creativity and organizational skills to the dynamic world of fashion production.

    Technical Apparel Companies: Innovators in technical apparel, such as sportswear and performance gear, value the technical expertise gained in our program, making our graduates ideal candidates for their teams.

    Sustainable Fashion Initiatives: Recruiters focused on sustainability and eco-friendly practices actively seek our graduates to contribute to the growing field of sustainable fashion, promoting ethical and environmentally conscious design.

    Fashion Technology Startups: Stay at the forefront of industry trends by joining fashion technology startups. Our graduates find opportunities to integrate their design skills with emerging technologies in this innovative sector.


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    Fashion Design Diploma


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    CLO 3D Software Student

    Soumya Sen

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    3D Fashion Design


    Fashion Design Diploma


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    3D Fashion Design


    3D Fashion Design

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If we happen to miss our classes by any chance, how can we access that particular class?

    If for any reason you miss a class, you can access that specific class through the provided online platform.

    Can we access online class materials at any time, even after completing the course, in case we have any doubts in the future?

    Yes, even after completing the entire course, you can access the online class materials for up to 6 months, which allows you to review them in case of any doubts.

    Can we take offline classes at Prerit Design Academy?

    Prerit Design Academy offers both online and offline classes, but some courses may have only online classes. Please check the academy’s website or contact them for specific offline class options

    What are the document requirements for admission to Prerit Design Academy?

    We don’t ask for any documents but we do require a few personal details for the certificate purpose.

    Will I be able to get a job in a good company after completing my course at Prerit Design Academy?

    After completing a course from Prerit Design Academy, we ensure 100% assistance in getting you a job in a good company. However, job placement depends on factors such as your skills, experience, and market conditions.

    What is the timing of online classes?

    The timing of online classes can vary based on the course and the academy’s schedule. Please visit the website or contact the academy to obtain information about the specific timing of online classes.

    I have just taken my 12th-grade exams this year, can I pursue this course?

    Yes, you can enroll in Prerit Design Academy courses after taking your 12th-grade exams this year. Prerit Design Academy provides courses at the beginner level for new students.

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