“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir” …Lisa Gansky


For students, entrepreneurs, fashion enthusiasts.

Build an understanding of :

  1. What is a Brand ?
  2. Benefits of building a strong brand
  3. Building Brand equity through brand knowledge
  4. Brand identity model
  5. Key Elements in creating its identity
  6. Brand positioning
  7. Types of Brand Extensions
  8. Promotion

All topics will be discussed with examples and assignments will be given.

What is Branding ?

The stimulating world of brands comprises a strong experiential and visual concept in addition to the core values of a company. It is the representation that the brand wants in a crowded marketplace.

In this interesting Fashion branding module, you will understand the concepts of a brand, its identity, the differentiating elements, brand positioning and promotion. Industry relevant examples are woven in along with the concepts. Students are given application-based assignments for absolute clarity.


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