Digital Fashion Illustration

Digital fashion illustration is a process of converting imagination to realistic illustrations using design software.

In this era of digitalization, when technology is required for almost everything, learning this course would give a boost to your career and will open multiple employment opportunities for you in the Indian & International market.

With the help of this course, you would understand the basics of digital illustration and how you can create your own beautiful and colorful designs for all kinds of fabrics using digital inkjet printing technology.

This course would help you learn brainstorming methods, would boost your creativity, and help you think out of the box as a professional designer.
You will successfully manipulate your ideas in Photoshop & adobe illustrator before finally putting your design onto the garment.


It’s a 2 months course where a complete recap of the basics of digital illustration would be given to you (if you are a beginner).
Guidance related to portfolio building would be provided, which would help you start your own business.

Digital fashion illustration
Digital Fashion Illustaror course

Adobe PhotoShop

  • Introduction to PHOTOSHOP
  • How to use photoshop-
  • Photoshop Manipulations
  • Coloring of illustrations
  • Retouching of pictures
  • Typography
  • Digital painting
  • Matt painting
  • Fashion figure skin rendering
  • Use of pen tool after creating garments
  • Draping of garments on the fashion figure
  • Draping Lehenga & constructing its panels & designing
  • Making a portfolio of fashion figures
  • Developing background of portfolio

Adobe Illustrator

  • Introduction of ILLUSTRATOR software
  • Tools of illustrator
  • Techniques used for creating logos
  • Constructing fashion figures on illustrator
  • Construction of flat sketches
  • Detailing of garments on illustrator
  • Combined use of illustrator & photoshop for developing portfolios
Digital Fashion Illustrator