Course Overview

Welcome to the Prerit Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology, a transformative 6-month program designed to ignite your passion for fashion. In this dynamic course, get ready to dive into the beautiful world of designing stunning Indian wedding wear dresses! We’ll guide you through every step, making it easy to understand and enjoyable. You’ll learn a bunch of important things, like how to create patterns, design lehengas and gowns, and use cool cutting techniques. But that’s not all – we’ll also cover blouse design and even show you how to make ethnic jumpsuits that blend modern and traditional styles.

This isn’t just any course; it’s a premium experience designed to help you create amazing Indian wedding outfits. Whether you’re just starting out or you already love fashion, our program equips you with both traditional and cutting-edge tools for expression. Whether you’re a recent graduate, career changer, or fashion enthusiast, this course caters to diverse backgrounds. 

This course offers a unique and enjoyable learning experience, giving you the skills to design amazing Indian wedding wear. Whether you’re a beginner or just love fashion, join us to uncover the secrets of making stunning outfits that capture the spirit of grand Indian weddings. Your exciting journey into the world of dress design begins here!

  • Course Fee : ₹87,299 ₹54,999/-
  • Mode : Live Online Class + Recorded Class
  • Duration : 6 Month
  • Frequency: 5 hours per week (Mon to Fri)

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    Course Details

    Why Prerit

    Why Prerit for your fashion design adventure is like picking a path to excellence and success, where creativity meets skill in just six months. Our teachers are experts in the field, making sure you get the best education. Learn everything from classic lehengas to modern gowns in our complete curriculum on dress design.

    With hands-on learning and cool projects, you’ll turn what you learn in class into real skills. Stay in the loop with the latest techniques, getting ready for the ever-changing fashion world. At Prerit, we keep things real by sharing insights straight from the fashion industry, giving you an edge.

    We’re all about supporting each other’s creativity and working together. Join us for a super cool learning experience that goes beyond the basics, setting you up for success in designing amazing Indian wedding wear. Your awesome journey into the world of fashion design kicks off right here at Prerit!

    Course Advantages

    Comprehensive Skill Development: Our course offers a holistic approach to skill development, covering everything from pattern making to the creation of lehengas, gowns, and ethnic jumpsuits. Acquire a diverse set of skills essential for success in the dynamic field of fashion design.

    Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Stay current with the latest trends and techniques. Our curriculum is crafted in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that you receive an education that directly aligns with the demands of the fashion world.

    Practical Hands-On Experience: Gain valuable practical experience through hands-on projects. Apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies of dress design.

    Cutting-Edge Techniques: Stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest cutting-edge techniques in the fashion industry. Develop skills that are not only relevant but also position you as a trendsetter in the field.

    Fast-Track Learning: In just six months, acquire the expertise needed to excel in Indian wedding wear design. Our accelerated program is designed for efficiency, providing a quick yet thorough immersion into the world of fashion design.


    Module 1: Design Foundation

    • Introduction to Design
    • Elements and Principles of Design
    • Inspirations and Concepts
    • Visual Presentation – Themes and Boards
    • Color Theory
    • Creative thinking

    Module 2: Fashion Illustration

    • Introduction to Female Anatomy
    • Draping of garments on movement figure
    • Placement of motif, rendering
    • Draping and rendering of dresses for party wear, office wear, casual wear
    • Study of Illustration of Indian designers
    • Collection and portfolio

    Module 3:  Pattern Making and Garment Construction – Women’s Indian Wear

    • Introduction to Pattern Making
    • Blouse Designs
    • Bifurcated/Bottoms
    • Apparel Designs
    • Construction Techniques
    • Business Skills

    Module 4: Pattern Making and Garment Construction -Women’s Western Wear

    • Introduction to Pattern Making
    • Adult Bodice Block
    • Skirt Block
    • Basic Torso
    • Origami
    • Garment Construction Technology/Stitching

    Module 5: Digital fashion Illustrations

    • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Fashion Figure Rendering and Draping
    • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
    • Construction and Detailing
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Portfolio Development

    Module 6: Business communication and personality development:

    • English Grammar and Communication
    • Professional Writing
    • Interview Skills
    • Presentation Techniques
    • Soft Skills Development

    Our Methodology

    Blend of Theory and Practice: Our methodology emphasizes finding the perfect balance between understanding theoretical concepts and applying them practically. We make sure you not only understand the basics but also get hands-on experience, applying what you learn to real-world design challenges.

    Learn by Doing: Dive into our hands-on modules, where you learn by doing. These projects are like real-world situations, giving you practical skills alongside a solid understanding of fashion design principles.

    Real-World Assignments: Gear up for the professional world with assignments based on real industry scenarios. This approach ensures you not only get the theory but also develop problem-solving skills crucial for the challenges you’ll face in the fashion design field.

    Personalized Guidance: Benefit from personalized guidance provided by our experienced instructors. They act like mentors, helping your unique creative style shine. With one-on-one interactions, we focus on developing your strengths in a supportive environment.

    Ongoing Feedback: We believe in continuous assessment and feedback. Regular check-ins help track your progress and highlight areas for improvement. This way, you not only stay on the right path but also graduate with well-rounded skills ready for the fashion industry’s demands.

    Course Requirement

    10+2 passed with any stream or currently appearing for the examination is required to start this program

    Basic computer skills are essential, as the program may involve the use of design software and technology. You’ll need a computer with suitable design software, and it should run these programs well.

    No prior experience with fashion design software necessary. We’ll start from the very beginning, including software setup and how to use it in the course.

    Job Opportunities

    Fashion Designer: Unleash your creativity by stepping into the role of a fashion designer. Create unique and trend-setting designs for clothing, accessories, or even specialize in particular areas such as bridal wear or athleisure.

    Pattern Maker: Dive into the technical side of fashion as a pattern maker. Use your skills to develop precise templates for cutting fabric pieces, ensuring accurate and high-quality garment construction.

    Fashion Illustrator: Bring your design concepts to life as a fashion illustrator. Use your artistic talents to create visually stunning representations of fashion ideas, helping to communicate design visions to clients and production teams.

    Merchandiser: Explore the business side of fashion as a merchandiser. Work on product development, analyze market trends, and collaborate with designers to ensure that fashion products meet consumer demands.

    Textile Technologist: Specialize in textiles as a technologist. Dive into fabric development, testing, and production, ensuring that materials used in fashion design meet quality standards and innovation requirements.

    Entrepreneur – Fashion Boutique Owner: Turn your passion into a business by becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own fashion boutique. Curate and sell your designs or source unique pieces to create a personalized shopping experience.

    Fashion Educator: Share your knowledge and passion by becoming a fashion educator. Teach aspiring designers the art and techniques of fashion design at educational institutions or through online platforms.

    Fashion Stylist: Shape the visual identity of individuals or brands as a fashion stylist. Work with clients to create unique looks, whether for personal wardrobes, photoshoots, or runway shows.

    Costume Designer: Dive into the world of film, television, or theater as a costume designer. Develop costumes that enhance characters and storytelling, combining creativity with an understanding of historical or thematic elements.

    Fashion Blogger/Influencer: Leverage social media to showcase your designs or collaborate with brands as a fashion blogger or influencer. Build a following and become a recognized voice in the fashion industry.

    Recruiters for UI/UX Design Jobs

    Fashion Houses and Brands: Established fashion houses and renowned brands are always on the lookout for talented designers. Join the creative teams of well-known names in the fashion industry to contribute your skills to their innovative collections.

    Textile Companies: Explore opportunities with textile companies looking for experts in fabric development, testing, and quality assurance. Your skills as a textile technologist will be highly valued in ensuring the production of high-quality materials.

    Retail Chains: National and international retail chains often seek fashion merchandisers and designers to contribute to their seasonal collections. Joining a retail chain provides exposure to a wide audience and diverse markets.

    Boutiques and Independent Designers: Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit by collaborating with boutique owners and independent designers. Your unique designs and skills can shine in a more personalized and niche market.

    E-commerce Platforms: The rise of online shopping has created opportunities in e-commerce platforms. Join teams managing the fashion categories, curating products, and ensuring a seamless online shopping experience for customers.

    Costume Design Studios (Film, TV, Theater): Explore the world of entertainment by joining costume design studios for film, television, or theater productions. Your skills as a costume designer can contribute to creating captivating visuals on screen or stage.

    Educational Institutions: Share your expertise by joining educational institutions as a fashion educator. Guide and inspire the next generation of designers through teaching and mentoring.

    Fashion Events and Show Organizers: Join the teams organizing fashion events and shows. Your skills could be instrumental in coordinating runway presentations, ensuring the seamless execution of fashion shows, and managing backstage operations.

    Fashion Publications: Work with fashion magazines, blogs, or other publications as a fashion illustrator, writer, or editor. Contribute to the visual and written content that shapes the fashion narrative.

    Fashion Recruitment Agencies: Connect with specialized fashion recruitment agencies that actively seek skilled professionals for various roles within the industry. These agencies can help match your skills with suitable job opportunities.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If we happen to miss our classes by any chance, how can we access that particular class?

    If for any reason you miss a class, you can access that specific class through the provided online platform.

    Can we access online class materials at any time, even after completing the course, in case we have any doubts in the future?

    Yes, even after completing the entire course, you can access the online class materials for up to 6 months, which allows you to review them in case of any doubts.

    Can we take offline classes at Prerit Design Academy?

    Prerit Design Academy offers both online and offline classes, but some courses may have only online classes. Please check the academy’s website or contact them for specific offline class options

    What are the document requirements for admission to Prerit Design Academy?

    We don’t ask for any documents but we do require a few personal details for the certificate purpose.

    Will I be able to get a job in a good company after completing my course at Prerit Design Academy?

    After completing a course from Prerit Design Academy, we ensure 100% assistance in getting you a job in a good company. However, job placement depends on factors such as your skills, experience, and market conditions.

    What is the timing of online classes?

    The timing of online classes can vary based on the course and the academy’s schedule. Please visit the website or contact the academy to obtain information about the specific timing of online classes.

    I have just taken my 12th-grade exams this year, can I pursue this course?

    Yes, you can enroll in Prerit Design Academy courses after taking your 12th-grade exams this year. Prerit Design Academy provides courses at the beginner level for new students.

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