Fashion Design Foundation Course

Design Foundation Course

This 12-week Design Foundation Course is the perfect solution for the learner who would like to pursue their career in the field of design, exploring different competitive field like Fashion Design & Manufacturing, Interior / Architecture & Design, Graphic Design & Media

The aim of this intensive Design Foundation Course is to introduce learners to the basics of design and to practice being a designer. This course will help them to develop ideas, aesthetic  visualisation and creative expression. It will also add meaning to their designs, and to identify where their design skills lie best.

Fashion Foundation Course

These four weeks include basic visual communication and introduction to the design process. It will cover the following:

  • Visual Elements
  • Composition and Drawing 
  • Perspective/ Architecture Drawing  
  • Human Figure Drawing 

The learner will work on developing the basic skills required.

Fashion Design Foundation Course | Color Combinations

Fashion Design Foundation Course
Fashion Design Foundation Course

Rendering Techniques

During this period the learners will set their hands to a wide range of design and drawing challenges, covering many areas of design. The following areas of foundation will be covered in these Four weeks:

  • Visual Perception 
  • Light & Shadow
  • Shading Techniques 
  • Introduction to Colour Theory
  • Rendering with colours 

The rendering stage is to challenge the creativity of the learner.


Learners will be involved in several areas of design and engage in design projects. This stage enables the students to manage the projects in different design fields as per their interest.

  • Memory Drawing
  • Aesthetic
  • 3D-Craft 
  • Doubt Session

At this stage, students will know which area of design interests them the most. Brief introduction to design perspective will be covered at this stage.

The expertise stage also gives the learners an understanding of how design works in the industry.(very brief introduction)

Fashion Design Foundation Course

Presentation/ Compilation of work

The learner is expected to compile their work and present their self-directed projects/design. They will also build a portfolio of their work. This is an essential aspect of being a designer.

Our comprehensive fashion foundation course is designed to teach you the basics of fashion design and the industry. Get ready to jump start.