The line where the sky meets the land or sea below is known as the horizon. The positioning of the vanishing point(s) and the scene’s eye level will be affected by the height of the horizon.

The vanishing point is the point in the distance when parallel lines appear to join together. The parallel lines of the road fade and visibly blend to create a single vanishing point on the horizon, as shown in the image below. There are no limits to the number of vanishing spots in a scene.

The horizontal surface below the horizon is known as the ground plane. It could be on the ground or in the water. The ground plane is level in the image below. The vanishing point–created by the path’s parallel lines–might not rest on the horizon and appear to be on an inclined plane if it were sloping or mountainous.

The parallel lines of train tracks, for example, are orthogonal lines that are directed to a vanishing point. The term “orthogonal” refers to a right angle. It refers to right angles made by lines, such as a cube’s corner in perspective.

The vantage point is the location from which a scene is observed, not to be confused with the vanishing point. The position of the horizon and vanishing points influence the vantage point.

Perspective from a single point. One-point perspective is linear perspective with only one vanishing point. The vanishing point is usually found in the middle of the scene.

Perspective from two angles. Two-point perspective is a type of linear perspective that employs two vanishing points. The vanishing points in two-point perspective scenes are usually situated at the far left and far right.

Multiple Point Perspective. There is no need to confine linear perspective to just one or two vanishing points. Depending on the subject’s complexity, a scene could have numerous vanishing points. Three-point perspective, for example, is similar to two-point perspective in that it has vanishing points on the horizon to the left and right. There is also a third vanishing point that is either below or above the horizon.