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Learning outcome of the course

Clo 3D design has developed into a highly sought-after skill due to the expanding demand for more efficiency and a reduced environmental impact within the fashion sector. Patternmakers and fashion designers are fast realising how important it is to have 3D garment creation skills. Learn Clo 3D software that enables you to design, create and animate 3D models. You can choose from a wide range of objects and materials to create a unique look for your project.

The Clo design course will teach you all you need to know to begin designing 3D clothing. It will help you learn all the fundamentals quickly and effectively, which is ideal for working professionals who value their time. 

By the end of the course, you will also have a portfolio of various projects that you can add to your resume to highlight your newly acquired talents. With the help of this course, you can create your own designs, do fits, create renders and animations, and much more…

What you need

  • Prior expertise in patternmaking and garment construction will be beneficial.
  • Three-button mouse with a scrolling wheel and PC with Clo-3D support. 
  • You don’t need any prior experience with 3D modelling software because we’ll start from scratch with the fundamentals of setup and navigation.


Learn CLO 3D Software - 3 MONTHS MODULE

Learn and enables users to design clothes in three dimensions. It is used to make prototypes of clothing and accessories by fashion designers and other professionals in the apparel business. It’s may be used to make both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as children’s and baby’s clothes. The software can also be used to design belts, purses, and other accessories. You can modify patterns, fit and fabrication, with a view change in colors, prints and designs and create realistic 3D models of garments.


How to use the interface

How to set up Clo and navigate in it.

How to load an avatar and customize its hair, skin, complexion

How to make a basic pattern of skirt, pant, top & its customization.

How to sew the pattern in Clo.

How to add an avatar, change its appearance, size and pose and save your custom avatar.


How to apply texture leather, velvet, plastic and metal

How to make transparent fabric

Prerit IS CLO 3D institute
Clo 3d designs

Color and Prints

How to add colour to your garment

How to add ruffles

How to add print


How to make an animated 360-degree video of your garment

How to save it

How to do a virtual fashion show

How to develop high-quality images

How to add background

How to change the pose

How to use pins, tacks, and steam in Clo.

How to render images, turntable images, and animations.


How to do finished edges like piping and binding

How to do embroidery (Kantha)

How to add jewellery

How to add buttons

How to do zippers and invisible zipper

How to use elastic


How to use holographic fabric

How to do sports wear

How to make fur garments

How to add bow and buckle

How to do cut work


How to add a dupatta and do Indian wear

How to make harem pants and sleeves

How to make big flares

clo 3d course

Learn CLO 3D Software - Advantages of the course

You can work with experienced fashion designers and industry experts. PRERIT will guide you to be industry ready after completion of the course. You will be knowledgeable enough to start your own design house, brand, store or work with other fashion houses. 

Each course is designed keeping in mind the futuristic needs of the industry.

PRERIT will be the right platform if you are planning to pursue a career in the fashion industry

Enroll Now and Learn CLO 3D software and make the right path to living your dream in fashion designing.

Every student who completes the programme successfully will be given a PRERIT Certificate of Completion.

Advanced CLO 3D

Advanced CLO 3D - 1 Month Module

Various advanced topics will be covered in this module…

Topics covered in this module:

How to make a saree

How to do makeup

How to add accessories

How to create your own pose

How to do realistic 3D Jeans Render

How to create plates

How to make a sequence and how to download it

How to use 3D Object

Advanced Clo 3D


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Advanced CLO 3D