NID Entrance Exam 2023

NID 2023

Established in 1961, the National Institute of Design is one of the internationally acclaimed and finest educational and research institutions of Design. As one of the top institutes in India, NID delivers Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated Experiential Design courses to its students. It is an autonomous institution under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. we provide a comprehensive guide to NID preparation.

NID preparation at Prerit

The course and the topics are meticulously designed to help the students to build a career in fashion industry. The course framework is built on the level of competitive exams that focuses on critical, creative, and analytical thinking. 

Faculty at PRERIT, are experienced and guide the students throughout the course. The students are mentored, trained to become the best and our programs speak for themselves. Unlock your fashion potential. Become an industry leader with Nid Preparation.

Why to join PRERIT?

A very commonly asked question is why should anyone choose PRERIT? PRERIT not only is a training institution but also is a place where you learn to grow and achieve. The highly experienced faculty groom the students at every stage of the program so that they become industry ready. 

NID Preparation is a challenging but rewarding process, and with the right guidance, you can be well on your way to success. Whether you choose online or offline classes, you can find the NID preparation classes that suit your needs and give you the best chance of success. With the right preparation and dedication, you can ace the NID entrance exams.

We have a collective experience of 20+ years and the knowledge bank, which made us start PRERIT. The course framework is designed to meet the future trends and needs of the market.

We teach and offer placement assistance and guidance to students, to help them choose the correct career path.

So, join us and be a part of many achievers.


PRERIT will train you to understand the key factors required to appear and face the creative ability test. Observation power, innovation, and design abilities which are the most important areas where the test will be conducted to evaluate the student. So, we have included visual logic, optical illusion, understanding perspectives, light and shade, visualizing 3D objects in our program which are the key learning aids for the students.

Observation Power

Understanding of the visual logics and optical illusions. Know the basics of light and shade, perspectives, and how these elements help in visualizing a 3D object.

NID Entrance Exam
NID Entrance Exam

Discernment Ability

Right from fundamentals of drawing to understanding the natural and geometrical forms, this topic highlights on how to capture the emotions and expressions, imagination and doodling, a brief on ornaments and motifs, emphasize on lateral thinking. You will also be taught on the principles of taking measurements and proportions.

Design Ability

The topic will broadly cover the different aspects of design and its theories. The basic and important functions of design and nuances of development. You will be taught on the presentation skills and techniques, innovation, and design inspirations.

NID Entrance Exam Model Making
NID Entrance Exam 2023

Creativity in thought development

Under this topic the fundamentals of color and composition, textures, and color terminology are taught. The importance of creative thinking and writing, how this is useful in your career, picture analysis, mood theme, theme development and memory drawing are briefly discussed and taught. The topic will teach you about color psychology and how to develop themes using color associations.

General Knowledge And Current Affairs

One of the vast topics of the course, general knowledge and current affairs covers many areas such as retail industry, general awareness of environmental factors. This topic also speaks about the famous personalities of fashion and interior designers, books and authors and evolution of products. Overview of textile designers in India, award winners, list of beauty queens, how fashion weeks are held, famous buildings and overview of architects in India and abroad are a part of the course.

uceed entrance exam
NID Entrance Exam

Case Study

Case studies always help in analyzing situations and are a big helping aid. Decision-making and situational analysis case studies are a key part of our program.

Communication Ability and English Comprehension (Language And Interpretation)

Communication definitely is a key factor in any career. Even to showcase our talent, we need to communicate, that too effectively. English has become a highly used medium of communication. Especially in the fashion industry, where top-notch designers and experts interact, language and vocabulary play an important role. Taking this into consideration, we have designed our program to address the communication barriers and gaps. 

Right from singular plural to nouns and indirect speech to syntax, synonyms and antonyms, grammar, time and tense, and other important areas which are needed in business day life are covered in the course.

Communication Skills
Uceed Entrance Exam

Quantitative Ability

Talent, knowledge, communication, and maths are a perfect package not to be missed. At PRERIT we don’t just teach fashion but mentor you to become an entrepreneur. If you want to set up your own business, what are the permutation and combinations required, how to start your business, calculations, partnership business, quantitative abilities, how discounts are calculated and so on. Business presentations, work, and tasks, and many other areas are emphasized.

Analytical And Logical Ability (Problem-solving Approach)

Another vast topic after general knowledge and current affairs is the analytical and logical ability, in which subjects like analogy, human relationships, scheduling problems, semantic classification and pattern folding are taught.

NID Entrance Exam


NID Entrance

The studio test includes different formats of questions like Drawing, Sketching, and  Model Making.

Training is provided on color schemes and construction skills. Another evaluation parameter would be on the creative and innovative skills and how well the student is able to use the material given to construct a model.

The program is designed to train on various topics like diagrammatic and numerical reasoning using diagrams and scenarios, that will help you to understand the examination format.

Mode : Offline & Online Live (Interactive)